Truss: An Introduction

We’ve decided to call our thesis designED. The blog is where we will be posting our more theoretical findings and musings. To look at the more practical application and project go to the tab at the top labeled “designED”. And here’s little introduction to the project…

Our thesis has evolved over the last semester and we have landed in the Franklin Learning Center with a great partner, Mr. G and his 11th grade American History class. Last week, we had our first involvement with the students, although we’ve been observing for a few days a week since mid January. We’ve worked with Mr. G over the last few weeks to flush out a plan for the first few weeks of our work.

We will be in the classroom 2 days a week for 7 or 8 weeks working the students through the design process in pursuit of innovations they can come up with for their school. It will give them agency in becoming active members of their school society and hopefully the rest of their lives. By running through design tools and methods we hope the spark and teach the 21st century skills that are of focus lately. Although this project is longer and follows the entire design process, we would love for individual activities and tools to be able to be implemented by other teachers who are not interested in a longer engagement with the  design process.

Last week we also had our first committee meeting in which we got some great feedback about clarifying our thesis statement and argument. Once that is reviewed, we will post it here as well.